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Summer Holiday Programs



Mrs. Yamini Samir Mathur (Parent Testimonial):

“My 3 year old son joined Little Artists Art Studio 6 months back as he was very hyper and had poor concentration and instruction-taking abilities. However, over a period of time he became interested in art and craft. From not enjoying drawing and painting to now looking forward going to his art class, I see a huge transformation. He is now able to better identify colours and shapes and has developed an interest in drawing. Hopefully his momentum will stay with the support of Teacher Dian and Teacher Pooja the two most amazing teachers in his class!”

Swati Verma- Adult Workshop July Holiday Program:

It was a wonderful experience, I don’t have words to express, amazing team of teachers and staff. We will miss Little Artists (moving to Australia)! All the best!

Kristen Ooi- Portfolio Student (admitted to SOTA 2015):

I feel confident for the SOTA Interview and I am grateful that I came here. They helped me in terms of technical skills. Without them I would not be able to do good sketches. I enjoyed myself throughout my journey. I will miss the teachers! 🙁

Nadra Ahmad- Portfolio Student (admitted to SOTA 2014):

I love this place, ART!

Aiden C (Budding Artist Student):

I like Little Artists Art Studio because they let you pick anything from the computer and paint, sketch, charcoal, and more things you can do here! 🙂

Roshni Sen (Budding Artist Student):

I like Little Artists because it helps me in my arts. It is a platform for me to expose my talent.

Riddhi Gholap (Budding Artist Student):

I love art class!! We get to learn different types of techniques and Artists!

Darshan (Contemporary Art / Experimental Art Holiday Program Student):

It was interesting for me in Contemporary Art. It was fascinating using 3D materials to do art. I love Little Artists!

Allyson (Student):

It’s awesome!!! 🙂

Cody (Budding Artist Student):

I am having a great time!

Allyson (Student):

It’s awesome!!! 🙂

Cody (Budding Artist Student):

I am having a great time!

Claire (Holiday Program Student):

I like the Holiday Program, it’s cool!

Holiday Program Parent:

Elissaline enjoyed her lessons tremendously. She likes the teacher and was encouraged as well. 🙂

Maddie (Budding Artists Student):

I really enjoyed being able to spend 2 hours here drawing or painting. I have done some of my best works here. (Moved to America)

Sydney (Junior Picasso Student):

I had lots of fun. I did a lot. I love fun art class! (Moved to America.)

Reyna (Holiday Program Student):

I feel painting makes me happy and is very fun! I hope to have this again.

Emily Stone (Little Blossoms Parent):

Our two daughters absolutely love their art classes and have learned a ton! We hope to continue in the fall. The teachers are spectacular!

Minisha Singhal (SAVANTS Exhibition, Arts House Visitor):

Very impressive collection. Speaks volumes about not only the kids’ talents but also the teachings and learnings at Little Artists.

Gwen Leong (SAVANTS Exhibition, Arts House Visitor):

It is great to see so many artworks of young talented artists!

Arty Party Host Parent:

It was really fantastic! Devina and her friends had a blast. They really, really loved it. Innovative and awesome!!!

Fevi (Junior Picasso Parent):

Excellent Customer Service, keep it up! Ms. Neha always helping, very approachable and always running the extra mile. Exemplary Customer Service, world class attitude. Well done!

Mark Evans (Parent):

My daughter had a great time at her art class and created some magnificent work. Would recommend this class to other parents.

Mrs. Tan (long-time Little Blossom & Junior Picasso Parent):

Little Artists is really a wonderful art School. First, all the teachers (yes I do mean ALL) are very committed, i.e. Teachers Rupam, Allen, Anu and all various teachers we interacted with. My kids come to attend (due to different class times such as for make-up classes for travelling, etc). The Reception staff (M.s Neha & Ms. Roop) are very accommodating and the school General Manager (Ms. Shan) is really good and innovative. This school has wonderful staff chemistry and commitment. My 2 kids have attended for 2 years and their growth and love for art is really beyond my expectation. I would really and honestly recommend this school to anyone.

Neelam Lara (long-time Budding Artist & Portfolio Parent):

Little artists is a wonderful place for kids to learn about different art and craft forms. The teachers are very encouraging. My girls have been attending classes for more than 3 years now. Every Sunday they look forward to their art lessons. The entire atmosphere is very conducive to art, however I feel that space is a constraint. It’s good that the school has grown by leaps and bounds (opened a new site at Siglap Centre). I wish all the teachers and staff lots of good wishes and a heartfelt thanks for nurturing a love for art in my girls and other kids at the school.

Mrs. V. Shahane (Parent of 2 regular Holiday Program students):

Thank you so much for inculcating the love for art through 3 Holiday Programs. I personally would like to thank the facilitators Teachers Pooja, Allen and Kim who helped my kids this year. Cheers to your dedication and hard work!

Bryan Koh (long-time Portfolio Student admitted to SOTA 2015):

/I personally feel that Little Artists has helped me in my passion for Art! 🙂 Since I was 4 years old I have learned many textures and techniques here. For the SOTA Interview, I learned to be more confident and how to speak more about my work. Thank you! 🙂

Ng Kelly (long-time Portfolio Student admitted to SOTA 2015):

Little Artists is a great help to my preparation for my SOTA Portfolio. I am very thankful for their generosity and kindness. They are very good at coaching and guiding me towards my goals.

Tay Jing Yun (Portfolio Student admitted to SOTA):

Little artists has helped me a lot with my SOTA Portfolio. They gave me good advice on my artworks and the SOTA Interview. They coached me for my Portfolio and taught me how to say things about my art. Overall it has been a very positive experience.

Arnaz Bavaadam (Portfolio Student):

Little Artists has helped me in preparing my Portfolio for SOTA. They helped me every step of the way!


Hi again, I just wanted to let you know that all this week I have been having conferences with parents of my students at UWC.

It is amazing how many have mentioned that their children have attended or still attend Little Artists Studio. They all speak so highly of your school Shalini. If the parents ask where their children can do extra art classes I always mention you.

Have a wonderful CNY.

Mimi Melanie and Taib Lokman:

Hi Shalini I hope this email finds you well. My husband and I have been meaning to have a chat with you personally but we have not had the chance.

As you know Mithalina has been accepted into SOTA and been offered the David Marshall Scholarship that will subsidise part of her 6-year study there. We are very happy for her and she is ecstatic.

We would like to express our thanks to you and your dedicated team of teachers who have managed to uncover and hone Mithalina’s talent and further develop her potential to this end.

Thanks especially must go to you during the period nearing the interview sessions for all the training and encouragement you provided for her so as to increase her confidence. She shared with me that your sessions did wonders for her morale and self-esteem. She felt that she did very well for her interview as a result of all the preparation.

Thanks once again for giving her the opportunity to express her very best.

Priya Madan Mohan, mother of Kavya:

Kavya loves to go to art class at Little Artists. She went as little as 5 year old with a love to colour & paint. At the age of 11, she is doing wonderful work which we proudly display on the walls of our living room. I have kept all her work over the years and the development is obvious.

The Little Artists team is very professional and create a good atmosphere for kids to learn and nurture art. I have and will continue to recommend the class to my friends.

Congratulations to the Young Achievers who made it to SOTA. Bravo to Shalini and her team for the good work. Keep it up !!

DK Sharma, father of Nikita & Kareena:

We are indebted to Shalini for making our kids – Nikita & Kareena realize their potential as budding artists (at least a very good start!). Although this institution is called ‘Little Artists’ and the lady herself is ‘little’, her qualities and charm as a teacher is anything but that!. I can’t imagine anyone else being so patient and caring in bringing out the very best of budding maestros. After 10 years at Little Artists, my little daughters are now proud pupils of an amazing artist and most genuine human being. Shalini has set them well, with a head start in their voyage of discovery of the pleasures of art and we will remain grateful to her for all our lives for that. Every child needs something as a hobby that he/she can excel at and enjoy/immerse himself/herself in. I am so glad that thanks to Shalini my kids found art as the activity for themselves.

Thank you Shalini and thank you Little Artists you have helped our kids grow into confident human beings and I can’t think of words strong enough as a parent to express my thoughts for doing that. So, I will conclude by just saying ‘hats-off ma’am’ you are great. Just stay that way and build more of you, as this world needs many more like you. Thank You, thank you, thank you!

Kay Williams, parent of Mark, Adrian & Kalisa:

“I love art and excelled in it in school. I wanted my children to appreciate art the way I do. I found that art lesson they did in school was very limited and did not really teach them much. Upon enrolling Mark at Little Artists, I was amazed how at 5 years old Mark was able to tell the difference between maroon and magenta, yellow and amber. He has truly become my ‘little artist’. Mark continues to excel in drawing, shading with charcoal, acrylic painting, water and oil paintings. Mark’s work has been framed and is exhibited in his room

It is my hope that his twin siblings Kalisa and Adrian would excel like Mark. All my children look forward to their art classes once a week. Thank you Little Artists for making my children the ‘little artists’ I want them to be. Thank you all the teachers and everyone at Little Artists for giving my children opportunity to be little artists and appreciate art.”

Ronita Tan, mother of Ryhan & Nadia:

Good to see is fine motor skills improving. His sense of colour is vibrant. I hope the teacher will be supportive and constructive.

Glad to see that she is able to give ideas to her work. She is becoming more expressive and assertive on what she wants in her art work. It is good to see her self expression and confidence”

Shivani Jaggi, mother of Shreya and Ambika:

I am extremely happy!! I am ever so grateful to Little Artists for giving such a wonderful opportunity to my children to explore their creativity.”

Meghna Desphande, mother of Vedang:

Yes I am really happy with what he is learning and at the same time he is having fun. Teacher Moe is very sweet and has a way around the kids. Vedang is very fond of her. He would like to do clay projects more often with drawing.

Teachers whom I have met are professional and efficient.  All in all everything is working great!

Judith Chen, mother of student Emily Chen:

We are pleased to find an art class offering such individualized instruction guided by professional artists and building from my child’s skill level and interest. Emily sometimes complains ‘too many classes, too many classes’, but she always come out of art class cheerful and proud to share her artwork

Thanks for providing a great class at a convenient location! Very happy our friend recommended your art studio

Alice Neo, mother of Valerie & Natasia :

I do find the class is interesting and appeal to them. It’s probably the way it’s conducted which make them look forward to their classes each week. Well done!

Jessie Ching, mother of Ching Wai Lum:

Yes, Wai Lum has progressed with her art skills over the years under the patient tutelage of teacher Moe. She is able to appreciate the different art forms very well. Little Artists teachers have also been been able to observe and comment on her character traits, e.g social skills, looking out for details, that help her to grow as better learner in other disciplines. Thank you very much.

Lisa Ye, mother of Jiang Chengjun:

At Little Artists, Chengjun has gained a broad exposure to various types of techniques and materials in drawing and crafting. His drawing skills and creativity has improved a lot since he joined the class. His interest in drawing also increases. Drawing has become enjoyable activity after school.”

Manpreet Bal, parent of Samrath:

Yes, I am very happy with teh way Samrath is enjoying the colouring and drawing. He loves to colour now and is very happy to come for his drawing lessons. Thank You.

Tan Huey Ming, parent of Caresse and Cayle:

Both of my daughters enjoy the lessons very much and they are always looking forward to the art lessons. They are exposed to various art materials and definitely hold better foundation of basic arts. The staff here are very friendly. I enjoy dealing with her very much. She is very helpful.

Eliza Chung & Tiung Hu Yee, parents of Amelie:

Very Happy. She is doing nice work and a great variety plus enjoying herself. We wish (and Amelie’s wish too) that there are more classes for her to do the 2 hour sessions. She simply loves it and 1 hour session is not enough.”

Mridula Ajay, mother of Samyukta & Adya:

Yes, the enjoy the classes. I see that Samyukta seems more influenced by the lessons even when she is at home. I don’t see the same level of interest in Adya, however.

I’m happy with the lessons. Keep up the good work!!

Sunitha, mother of Nisha & Dinesh:

“I am very happy with the way my kids have taken to drawing and painting. My 3 year old son has been very enthusiastic about his classes and is enjoying his classes with teacher Sarah. My daughter has learnt to appreciate arts much better than before. Would be nice if they could do more crafts too.”

James Nayar, student :

Yes I have greatly improved in my artistic skills and am very happy with the improvement I have made. Thanks for teaching me the skills and I am very grateful for everything”

Saifred Sim, student :

I have been taught by a lot of teachers and I had a great time. My ability to draw and paint has improved a lot. Thank You. Art will be a skill that will remain with me. Thank you to all the teachers who have taught me. I appreciate it”

Helen Lee, mother of Khoo Yee Ching Caroline:

Yes I am happy with the child’s progress. She is learning to be creative and enjoying painting.