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Art Classes for Adults of All Skill Levels in Singapore

Art Karma – A Creative Therapy for your Soul!

You don’t have to be twelve to learn how to paint. At Little Artist, we hold regular workshops for beginner (no skill required) and experienced adult students. Our teachers provide close guidance in a relaxed and welcoming environment that helps to rejuvenate your senses and encourage you to take your art further.

Expand your creative horizons and develop a new talent with our adult oil painting classes

We have carefully designed our program to confidently take anyone through the various stages and techniques involved in mastering the oil painting medium. Our painting classes are perfect for individuals with little to no experience. Oil painting can be a soothing, meditative activity that provides a rich and vital method for making sense of the surrounding world.

Many who paint for leisure initially find it challenging, but with individual instruction, support and demonstrations, participants can quickly find themselves creating astounding pieces. As with all of our programs, you’ll be encouraged and supported at every turn.

Our adult art classes provide a structured, encouraging way to learn, through two streams

Beginners start with STAGE I, involving formal instruction on colour, drawing, and oil painting techniques. This steam supports students seeking to explore their own artistic ability and wanting to build foundational knowledge in the myriad techniques and varied aesthetics of the medium. This program helps to confidence in novice artists and ultimately gives them the potential to move up to STAGE II.

STAGE II builds on prior knowledge, and exists for experienced painters and sketchers, helping you to better understand the details of colour theory the application of various techniques. You’ll be provided with a wide range of subjects to help you develop into a flexible, multi-talented artist. Our instructors will help you begin to conceive of, create and refine a piece of your own that’s in line with your ability and experience, ensuring a stress free and enjoyable process.

Those who graduate from STAGE I & II will move on to more advanced works. Those starting at an intermediate level will move more swiftly into advanced directions. Stage lengths vary and largely depend on individual pace and ability.


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